Monday, February 4, 2019

Animate Your Life

I watch a series called "Anime Supernova" which showcases rising star animators in Japan. I still like cartoons and animations as an adult. I also like overseas and foreign cartoons/animations.

I had an art teacher in middle school whom I couldn't stand. She wouldn't really teach us and she let the bullies run the classroom. I often got in trouble with her, not because I was a bully, but because I dared to stand up and fight back those bullies.

With Mother's Day was coming up, that's when she was teaching us how to use a kiln and make our own pottery. I wanted so much to make something but the jerk told me I was in trouble again and allowed the idiots in the class to make drinking mugs for their mothers while I had nothing for my own mom.

The experience hurt me so much that I shied away from pottery for a long time. The only good thing that moron teacher did for me was have us watch a lot of foreign animation shorts. A lot of my classmates were bored by this, but I ate it up. She did this instead of actually teaching, but I didn't care. While in that darkened classroom, I could escape. Dream. There were no troublemakers. And no bad teachers. Only imagination.

Years after I moved on, that teacher gave my dad a message that I must keep in touch with her. I refused. Anyway, I got better art teachers for 11th and 12th grade as well as in community college.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Just a story I saw on TV years ago

There's a story my parents and I saw from the BBC channel.

This rural English boy kept telling his folks that a fox was sleeping in his bed with him. The parents thought he was making up stories until they set up a camera.

Every night, like clockwork, a wild fox would come through the doggy door in the kitchen and walk past the family dog, who didn't make a fuss, ignore the boy's brother's room, go straight into his room, crawl into his bed, sleep with him and, before dawn, would leave.

The parents thought this extraordinary. My own parents did too, especially my dad, who believed the boy might grow into someone important. Very profound story. I would love to know what happened with that kid.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Why the Teacher(s)?

Happy 2019!

I tend to have a lot of educator characters (main and minor) in my slice-of-life comics and I wondered about that. 

And then it occurred to me: While reading "Archie", I was often curious about teacher, Miss Grundy, and the school principal, Mr. Weatherbee. 

What did they do after school? Did they like each other? What kind of families did they have or come from? What were their hobbies? 

As the child of a schoolteacher, I knew that teachers didn't live at the school but had homes like everybody else. Also, why were story teachers always old?

These sorts of questions drove me crazy as a kid. I also had to stop a lot of stupid rumors among my fellow elementary school classmates.

No, teachers didn't live at the school. They didn't sleep under their desks.
No, teachers had families and kids.
They do have spouses.
And teachers had nothing to do with the cafeteria food menu.
That's why they often bring their own lunches.
And no, teachers didn't give out homework to torment us.
Oftentimes, they had to answer to a higher authority, such as the school administrators and school boards.

Why did I only see a scratching of the surface on these musings when I watched those Hollywood films about a teacher going into a ghetto neighborhood to 'save the children'? What about the teachers who already lived there? Didn't they have a say?

Family, friends, family friends, I was always surrounded by teachers. Why not tell the stories I overheard? Why not come up with my own?

Teachers have a life, let's all acknowledge that, shall we?

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

More from the Land of Twitter - Part 2

When I start to draft these scenes, I'll post on Instagram. One of the styles I use is as free-form as possible with little background and not as many panels. My comics look more like illustrated books for grown-ups.

I also wonder if there's any way I can get short comic stories published by lieu of indies, really small press, and literary journal publishers? I notice there's more journals that have comics and graphic arts in their submission guidelines.

This is what I'm looking at and have been submitting to. I want editing as well. Just like with my short stories.

I'm lazy. So, so lazy. I want to work at my own pace. I'm not good with deadlines
(But getting better) and feel I'd do worse with comic submissions. Especially if it were a regular comic publisher.

From the Land of Twitter

When I get an idea in my head, or I'm nursing a story, I'll either jot it in one of my journals or I'll rant about it in a series of tweets (or lately, in a Twitter 'thread'). Here's my latest rant expanded so there's more here than on my Twitter timeline.

I seem to take a lot of influence from the story Country Mouse, City Mouse. That theme became my canine Mafia furry historical stories. Yet, lately, I ended up thinking about an old idea remade into a graphic novelette. Will revise old drawings accordingly before I draft the scenes.

I already have a squirrel and a rat characters. And no, the rat isn't a bad guy but a love interest. I'm so sick and tired of certain animals being demonized in stories. Such tales have real-world impacts. Right now, wolves are still hated and feared globally. And sharks are thought of as continuous eating machines.

My influences with Romance will come from Harlequin and Avon. I'll use regional ecology where my main characters are indigenous animals to a given area.

In this case, my squirrel will be from the  Midwest and my rat will be from the Northeast. Both characters will be urban beings but have early ancestral roots in a rural past. And I'll say no more.

When I start to draft these scenes, I'll post on my Instagram. I'm also struggling to find a publisher for these ideas. Where can one get short comic stories published? And at my own pace? I'm not good with deadlines, and even worse when it comes to artwork. In the meantime, stay tuned, Dear Readers.

Friday, November 2, 2018

My comic bookstore from middleschool childhood closed

[This happened 3-4 weeks ago]

Folks, I've had a traumatic experience today (Nobody died, thank goodness) but I feel no less devastated. The local comic store (LCS) I've frequented and patronized since middle school closed down and I only found out while I and my mother ran errands.

I saw the lease sign big as day in the window and the possible new owner going inside and I just. Lost. It. Only those who frequent bookstores can understand the hurt involved because the stores we shop from are also tied into our identities.  

Villains Comics & Collectibles was that sort of store for me. When stuff got stressful. When life got foolish. When jobs became hell. When sh!t hit the fan. This comic bookstore became my 'watering hole'. My sanctuary. My refuge.

Not to mention the owner was 1 heck of a guy. 1 of the few comic bookstore owners who didn't treat females any differently than the males. This week has been a mess. Last month was hard. September was worse. 2018 has been hard for a lot of us. But there were places to retreat to. 

I'm going to start looking into other LCSs in other cities and nearby counties. Maybe I can discover new places, I don't know. Florida isn't casual-explorer friendly and nearly everyone needs personal transportation because the state doesn't have good public transport.

So, yes, to make a long story short, this has been a sucky week. My body cramped up from driving until I had to take a day off from my part-time. And now, one of my favorite places in this God-forsaken city is gone. So yes, this week's been a hot mess. 

Farewell, Villains of NMB. I hope at least to run into the owner again. Hopefully, he's doing well. Sigh.😞😭