Monday, May 1, 2017

My short story is out in lit journal Typewriter Emergencies!

My short story "Sleeping with Wolves" came out in the literary journal Typewriter Emergencies!

Please check it out at my The Angry Goblin - My Bibliography Blog or on the journal's official link here: Typewriter Emergencies May 2017 Edition!

Also, here are the official web links to the publisher and the lit journal's Mission Statement:
Weasel Press
Typewriter Emergencies literary journal

P.S. Please let me know what you think about the journal in general. I read through it myself and am really excited that this is just the first issue! When you read the story, let me know what you think in the comments below!

The blessings keep coming...

My illustration submission to furry convention Furlandia 2017 has been accepted! I submitted the drawing in its original color and then formatted to black and white. The black and white version will be published in this year's conbook! So excited!

In the same news, a furry poem I based on my love and research for Harlem Renaissance poetry will also be published in Furlandia's conbook!

In other news, while getting ready to submit to another writing opportunity, found out I was one of a list of women honored in March for Women's History Month on an official furry online newspaper! Are you kidding me? How on earth did I miss this?

Here's the link for those interested:
Dogpatch Press - March is Furry Women’s Month – guest post by Shining River

Remember I mentioned back in February of this year I would have another story from my historical novel coming out in an online journal? If not, click on my Featured Post on the right-hand link above my Micro Bio. Also in March, I and other guild members were mentioned for upcoming publications on the official guild website.

Here's the link to that as well:
Member news - March 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Being a Geek

Not me as a child.
Currently reading The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and remembered an ex-friend asking me years after high school, "Were you always like this?" meaning "Were you always a nerd/geek/dork even when I knew you in high school?" And I said, "Yes, I am but-" She said, "You were trying to fit in?" And with inner shame, I said, "Yes. Because-" I let my response drop. I didn't get a chance to clarify that statement as this friend started showing her true colors to the point I could no longer be around her. But I digress...

Not me as a teen.

Yep. Definitely still not me.
Since I work at a college campus as a lab tutor, I have been introducing nerd-related clothing into my wardrobe. I'm middle-age and feel more comfortable with who I am. I really don't care anymore. However, it comes to a point when one realizes that one can no longer go by certain dictates imposed on. Back in grade school, I had to hide what I watched, and in many cases, what I read, what I wrote. In high school, Commercial Art class was the one time I was allowed to draw what I wanted. It's been freeing and also an eye-opener to understand the strictures from society. It has been freeing in what I read, what I write, in what I discuss with others. I'm letting my geek flag fly.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"A quarter of an inch"

If asked what is the favorite among my art supplies, it would have to be this. Yes, the answer surprises even me. People know I have favorite types of pens, I know which are my go-to nibs for calligraphy, I even have my favorite color pencils, design markers, the weight of sketching paper I prefer.

My T-square
0.05 micro (black ink pens - preferably Staedtler)
Calligraphy nibs #4,5, and the double-digit plain nib (will either be 99, 00, etc.)
Prismacolor (color pencils & design markers)
70 lb-100 lb Canson (paper for all types of graphic art mediums)

But what it all boils down to is this T-square. In junior high, it was one of a few items I needed for my toolkit in Draft/Graphics class. It was a half-semester course, if I remember correctly, with Woodshop being the second half of the term. Led by Mr. Pool, we were given geometric shapes to draw in 3-dimensional form with all sides visible. My classmate, and friend, could always draw shapes perfectly.
"Not an inch off. Good job!" Pool would praise her as he went around each table. We had those draftsmen-type desks that professional animators, cartoonists, and fine artists used.

"Uh-oh. You're off a quarter of an inch here and here! And 3/4 here, too." Pool would always tell me.
He would mark up my paper with his red pen.
My friend, who sat next to me, would get an A+ and I would get Cs. Few art-related classes frustrated me as much as this course and I grew jealous of my friend's ability to craft perfect shapes. Yet, she was so nice, sincere, and humble that I never reached pure envy for her. I worked harder but couldn't achieve her seeming perfection. However, we were friends outside of class, which was an achievement for me at the time, and when I mentioned that she could become an engineer with her drafting skills, she actually looked annoyed by my suggestion. She told me she wished she could do illustrations as I did. That was some consolation.

My T-square became a repository for my creativity while sulking away in Graphics class. No where did this important drafting tool draw so much attention than when I began to scribble on it. A few other kids wrote their names, crushes, a boyfriend/girlfriend, and maybe a symbol or two, but, I did much more. Having a mad crush on the rapper/dancer M.C. Hammer at the time, especially because of his breakout track "U Can't Touch This!" became my motto and doodled the pop culture catchphrase all over the T-square in pencil with some in ink. If you look closely, I even drew Hammer's likeness in cartoon style!

I had planned at the end of the half-semester to erase most of the scribblings, but the more my classmates admired or despised my artwork, the more I drew on the T-square, not knowing at the time I was using it as a catharsis for my daily anger, frustration, isolation, and terror at being bullied and not having enough friends.

Even Mr. Pool took a look at my sketchings on the T-square and made what sounded like approval hums.

Mr. Pool is now long gone. That 'perfect grades' friend? Whose face and kindness I now vaguely remember but have long forgotten her name. We lose track as human beings.

Other art supplies have been used up, disposed of, thrown out when they dried, cracked, became old, or simply outlived their usefulness have been numerous over the years, but the T-square remains...

When I have my own professional studio, I mean to hang it up in a place of honor beside my desk. To remind me, no matter how far I come in life, of the dork who wore over-sized glasses, had a scrawny body, and who scribbled out her infatuation for M.C. Hammer on a drafting tool.

P.S. I still wear glasses, albeit, more fashionable and better-fitted to my face. I'm heavier now. I'm still a dork. :)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

8/9/16 - More musing... A rant here and there

Some people don't seem to understand why I write fiction, why I write fantasy, why I work in anthropomorphism, or why do I read SF/F at all.

I don't know what to think. I do know on some level why I do the art that I do. I know there's a lot for me to say and if the characters looked too familiar, readers might shy away. SF/F brings up the ideas and discusses the topics many normally won't talk about. But once dressed in animal or nonhuman, it becomes easier to get away with speaking about taboo subject matters and controversial topics. I can use such devices and literary genres to tell the stories about mundane things.

I often don't want to tell people where I'm published because of their reaction. The statements can be any number of superficial magazines that they think my submissions are better suited for but this advice couldn't be further from the truth. No, I've learned that some of my writings are categorized under sub-genres. I consider them speculative fiction. That means they aren't mainstream and because of this, my works may be found online or purchased directly from the publisher.

Don't look for me in The New Yorker or other such mainstream and coveted titles anytime soon. I also find a number of women's magazines foolish and some men's magazines even worse. Right now, and you can say I'm limiting myself. I've heard it all before, but I'm better off where you may find me: niche, sub-genre, speculative, mixed genres, and mostly nerdy.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

WOW - It's All Fools Day!

Happy April Fools Day, Dear Readers!

If you got pranked today, I am sorry, but if it was harmless, and all in good fun... Then, that is the spirit in which it is given!

As a child, I hated this day, especially when being in school because of the bullies' ideas about what was a 'harmless prank'. I also don't believe in 'mean jokes' or such things such as 'somebody died' or 'someone's in the hospital'. There's way too many instances of such events happening and so I don't see these as REAL jokes.

However, as an adult, the day's sense of fun has returned. I have played some harmless tricks on my students that has them embarrassed that they got had. And, of course, the best response from others is when they can laugh at themselves.

Hope this day finds you all in good spirits and good humor, and most importantly, prank safely and friendly!