Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another Tweet & FB post

Am a member of a color pencil and pastel art group & the other members' pieces are DRIVING me INSANE! But my writing is taking off so...

This is what happens when you're an artist & a writer! When you're in the middle of one, the other is always calling. How do others who are both keep it together?

In order to satiate my art hunger (Lord, I sound like a vampire), I may need to do some more pieces of my fantasy series' cat characters & continue a few more pages from my school-related comic! That'll feed the beast!

Friday, August 19, 2016

From my journal

Originally written on 7/2/16
Now that the manuscript is technically complete, I realized I could not have written this by a younger self. I lacked experience. I lacked courage and creative experimentation I am more comfortable to confront.

I am now only willing to confront issues and tackle subject matter that may have been taboo or off-limits to me back then. Now I use those same topics not only in the historical novel but in my other writings.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Facebook post

Saw this in my coffee table book "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fantasy" many years ago (right-hand picture).

At Miami Book Fair International in 2006, while at the CLMP's booth (Council of Literary Magazines and Presses), I found the short story collection (left-hand picture) by a press called Manic D. Press.
Bought @ Miami Book Fair Int'l 2006

I suddenly took to reading these short-short stories (some were as little as four-pages while others were up to the average 15-20 page short stories) and became mesmerized by this visual feast of words and creative imagery. The only time I read such beautiful stories - both grammatically and visually was when reading "The Arabian Nights".  

Ever since I began to read Lord Dunsany did research start to mention the countless authors both past and present owed to this man. What I learned was that the modern fantasy genre we credit to men such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis could not have happened without Dunsany. He preceded both men and had even the great poet Yeats as a contemporary write highly of him.

There can never explain so much of speculative fiction's debt to him. There wasn't any of the fantasy or science fiction tropes we now expect and take for granted. Lord Dunsany created the language that did not exist. He created the tropes no one had. I spoke that Dunsany was the science fiction/fantasy writer's Shakespeare. Perhaps I speak too hastily. Perhaps there are Dunsany scholars out there that could analyze better what I speak so effusively as a fan. And yet, many of the authors I mention have been quoted that Lord Dunsany influenced them, inspired their writings, made them into the literary powerhouses we now look back with admiration.

However, there is no doubt in me that without Lord Dunsany, there would be no C.S. Lewis, no Tolkien, no H.P. Lovecraft, no Fritz Leiber, no Garth Nix, no Katherine Kerr, no Diane Wynne Jones, no Charles de Lint, no Rowling, pretty much modern fantasy may not have developed into the genre it is without Lord Dunsany...

*If you have the Aldiko e-book app, most of his short story collections are FREE. Lord Dunsany's works are also available through public domain. 

From my Facebook post

This graphic novel anthology was recommended to me by If one reads my "In Pretty Print" Blog, anthologies have been and are very important to my reading/writing life. Who would think that a comic collection about being a female gamer would be a thing?

"Chain Mail Bikini" is not just a nod to Conan the Barbarian's Red Sonja signature yet highly implausible outfit. This comic anthology is created by female and femme-identifying artists.
Each stand-alone story shows how each author connected to different video games. How the gaming life influenced their own lives.

Here are dreamlike tales, coming-of-age, and slice-of-life/memoir-like stories on how playing video games actually informed a life, gave direction, and even set many of the authors on a path to their destiny.

As both, an artist and writer, it's good for me to find such anthologies. Such collections surprise me, delight me, and not only create for these authors new fans. They inspire the best in me as a fellow creator.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Tabber the Red" website mascot illustration available!

For my website's 10th Anniversary, here is the link to an illustration of my website's mascot: Tabber the Red, my orange tabby warrior. It is in full color and the medium used is color pencils and micro-point black pen nib.

Deviant Art hard copy options: Art print, canvas, and photo.
The sizes are: 12 x 18 or 20 x 30.
Prices will vary according to what options are chosen.

Here is the URL:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Imagine Nation (Pop culture TV show)

Imagine Nation is a show on NHK World TV's channel (a Japanese news' channel for English-speaking viewers) that deals with anime, manga, animation, video games, cartooning, and speaking to industry insiders. The show is less than half an hour and I'll talk about it in another post. Right now, I want to bring up a quote I wrote down.

"There are things I don't want others to know about me. And there are things about people close to me that I wouldn't want to have disclosed either. I feel the same way about characters. I mean, not everything has to be revealed to the readers, because it's more beautiful when some things are left unsaid. I think the readers will appreciate it more." - Reiko Shimizu (mangaka)

This is an important quote to a writer from a comic writer. I don't know how to better place this in the context of the life of writing. The best I can understand from this quote from Mangaka (Comic writer) Reiko Shimizu is that a writer, not even the creator of whatever given media can absolutely know every bit and detail about one's characters. These clues may only be revealed in the process of writing. While in the moment of writing one's story can the stranger become the friend. The unfamiliar becomes the familiar. What is the mystery can only be understood and revealed through the active process of WRITING.

To learn more about "Imagine Nation" the show:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review of my dear friend, cohort, and fellow alum's SECOND BOOK
When I first met my friend, and I can now say, fellow cohort as we graduated TOGETHER, she was sophisticated, demure, intelligent, and a consummate pro. I was happy to meet and be in the same grad program as her. There are some people that one meets in a lifetime that one just wants to GROW UP and BE LIKE THEM or just glean as much to work on oneself. My friend and cohort Nancy Stancill is one such person. I read her "Saving Texas" when we basically both started in the MFA program. I was highly impressed and more so that I got to know her before reading her first novel.

The book proved so incredible that I read in just a few days and asked her at our next semester to sign it for me. Now, her own talent and hard work and with the help of our grad school mentors, she has written another page-turner.

Here is my review of "Winning Texas":
Annie Price is back and she's more satiated into her role. Price is fully-realized and the reader gets a sense that she has grown in a real-life sense.

The sensory experience in this book gave this reader a tantalizing taste of Texas culture and the immediacy that this is very much a contemporary tale. In no way did I doubt the author's narrative power. Nancy Stancill took my hand and led me through this tale of intrigue, politics, adventure, and suspense.

As with her previous book "Saving Texas", the characters are highly likable and highly visible. Stancill's view on her cast is sympathetic, humane, and sincere, which means when there is a kidnapping, murder, and other inhumane acts against them or that they commit against others, it's sudden, crushing, angering and sad.

Stancill's "Texas" is of course, diverse, cosmopolitan, and very much real in grit and substance. Characterization is done in just a few sentences and I got the sense that if I visited Texas, I would meet these same individuals. Bravo to Nancy Stancill for a compelling sequel that has enough bite to it that the story can stand on its own. I'm ready for a Third Act! Or, even a completely different story in a different 'universe'!

It is available on Amazon and where ever books are sold!