Thursday, April 2, 2020

My mini-review for Honey & Clover TV series

Just finished bingeing the Honey & Clover anime series. Back in the early 2000s, I read the manga while it was serialized in the number of manga/anime-related periodicals the U.S. once had, and I must say that if you were any sort of Art Major/Minor, this is HANDS DOWN the most complete and perfect TV series (beats any live-action or other animations with this subject/topic) to show EXACTLY what it means to be a college/university art student in one's head, heart, and how much baggage creative people carry while we tackle real-world life issues... *chef's kiss* 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another day in self-quarantine

Been watching 90s TV shows, reading web comics, and the occasional writing. Also, working on different terms for sexual orientation and identities among four aliens species (human included) in the 49th century. 

Original journal date: 10/18/10
I've always been drawn to animal stories both in animation as well as in books. When I began to read mythology and saw what a huge role animals would play, and how complex their beings could be, impressed me to ancient peoples' wisdom in making the animal world as much a art of the human world (than how separate we are now). 

But when I picked up a book on Aesop's fables, that's when something 'clicked'. To use animals to bring to light humanity while revealing the innermost of that beast or creature is how I want to tell my stories.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Some more sample pages from my graphic novel WIP

CF Welsh Jr. - color/style choices

The following images will be from my graphic novel, Summer to Winter. More draft pages and front/section break covers can be seen on my Instagram: handdrawnbycarmenjr

CF Welsh Jr. - Front cover
CF Welsh Jr. - Front cover

'Summer to Winter' color vignette page

 'Summer to Winter' pg 1
'Summer to Winter' pg 2
'Summer to Winter' pg 3

'Summer to Winter' pg 4
'Summer to Winter' pg 5
CF Welsh Jr - Interior cover

Monday, February 24, 2020

Procrastinating is my Kryptonite

I know I may seem incredibly productive, but do you know what I've been doing instead of writing my cat fantasy about my warlock cat and warrior mate? 

I've been making word lists of all the Sunday funnies that influenced my cartooning, did brief descriptions of three monsters from the current cat fantasy which falls more into Sword&Sorcery with all its evil beings, fighting, and spellbinding magic, and wrote a short dialogue scene which was the continuation from a previous comic scene drafted. 

All to avoid writing. *Sigh*

When Research Is Always Necessary...

Have been so busy researching grants, hunting for work, looking for the next publishing opportunity, and writing the next story in the feline fantasy series that I just remembered I was suppose to, for the longest time, research three Indian languages (need to figure out which one my Desi characters will speak - whether it's Punjabi, Bengali, or Gujarati) and Dutch-Arab populations in the Netherlands (which background my Dutch character comes from) for two separate comic stories! Ay!