Monday, August 14, 2017

Story can be a challenge

I had a short story in mind but realized another story within the same world, yet dealing with a different cast, finally started to make sense. I also didn't want to force the characters of another story in the same series for the sake of meeting a themed submission guideline. That routine has hardly worked for me except in this year, when I crafted an article just for a journal and it was accepted! Mind you, this is 2017 and I've been trying to write professionally since 1996 with my first publication in 1999-2000!

Since this break in the semester, not only has the novel continued rolling around in my head as it should, but a solution came to a short story within the cat epic fantasy series! I've been on-again-off-again with a particular title within the collection and I realized it proved difficult to write another title because I needed the events of the title I'm STRUGGLING WITH NOW to happen!

EUREKA! Can you believe this? And now, that difficult story is almost writing itself! I'm still jotting down notes, swathes of exposition and setups. The story deals with one of my magic using characters who I believed for years to be a villain, or at best, an antihero. I couldn't be further from the truth! He's not only a nice and generous person, he's lovably sardonic and sarcastic! His sardonic personality was already fixed when he was originally 'conceived' but that was with a villainous character. With this more pleasant personality, my shero/heroine won't seem a like a masochist when she falls for him.

There have also been changes to his back story as well. Actually, I kept his origins but in the nascent conception, I had him move far from those trainings and how he was raised. I also had him a stranger to most of that background. Now I understand he couldn't possibly be who he is while disavowing his origins. He just wouldn't be that person! His back story also solves my reasons for the antagonistic relationship he has with another fellow magic user too! It's all making sense now. After HOW long? Sheesh... Well, 'til next time!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My life in print and online

Do you know what this is?

Except for online magazines, online journals, and stories made into podcasts, these are proof of my freelance life. Starting officially in 1998 is when I actively sought publication.

Between roughly 1999-2007
Most of my works appeared in fanzines (fan-made magazines), stab/side-stitched title PawPrints and comb/plastic-bound Fur Visions.

By 2007-2010
This was also the time I began getting illustrations published. My works began life with online publications such as Anthrozine, a small press that produced that lovely thick book you see in the image, and sold on a small-press bookseller as print and as an ebook!
Anthrodreams, a podcast publisher which became my first paid work. And though I continued with constant online work, some online publications became print anthologies with perfect binding.

In 2010-2013
So many opportunities to publish online! I tried my hand again with articles and essays. I was published in my first literary journal in American Athenaeum having seen print earlier with their online sister journal, 1Bookshelf. The print also sold as an ebook!

During 2012, I published, under a pen name Goblinrant, rather slowly, a series of articles about animation and comic book pop culture. I'm very proud of them but wished I was quicker to churn them out. Ah well.

Next were more publishing with online journals and my foray into guest blogging and publishing with my college alma mater. These were art pieces, essays, and a short story. I still tried to find more print publishers though I enjoyed online publishers because there is more dissemination. I also found another genre literary journal that unfortunately went belly up.

By 2015, I ended up in another literary magazine Prick of the Spindle which was the first time in years my work came in print again and sold in print and as an ebook. It was also my return to the short story form.

More genres in print. More guest-blogging. More trial and error with expanding my work. I had a short story in an online literary journal, a poem(!) and illustration featured in an official convention booklet, and again in a print literary journal, The Tishman Review with perfect binding and in large-magazine format size!

You can see the covers to all these books I mentioned (and an e-literary journal) on my biblio blog The Angry Goblin at WordPress!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Comic strip now in literary journal!

My comic strip "Geek Muses: Writer's Block & Inspiration" is on The Tishman Review 3.3! Pages 122-125

NOTE: Published works are on "The Angry Goblin" blog! Head on over for a complete list of my publications - short stories, illustrations, essays, articles, comic strips, etc.

Monday, July 31, 2017

(Anime Talk) 1st Episode

Tweet and URL from my friend, host of his new "Anime Talk" podcast, the first episode where I am a guest!
Click on link below to listen to our discussion!

NEW: LexDaXMan and kayfey chat about their favorite animes on #Anime Talk (Ep. #1)! Enjoy!
Anime Talk (Episode 1)

Sunday, July 30, 2017

For My Own Good...

There is an online chat I attend every Sunday at 7:00 PM EST.

Tonight's topic was junior high and I decided, for the betterment of my mental health, to bow out of it as I have many painful memories from that time in my life.

Experiences I'm still processing as a middle-age adult and mining its fodder for my stories and my illustrations.

So, while I won't discuss such matters with people I've chatted with for probably seven years (ancient in social media time!), I would prefer to regurgitate in writing and in art.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Poetry and Prose

This was a reply to a discussion on Facebook*
[Expanded in the interest of this blog]

Because I'm a Prose writer, I realized that I need to, at least for myself, read more Poetry. The form corrects me into appreciating the musicality of Prose. I enjoyed reading it in grade school but fell out of it for some years.

I love how Spoken Word poets will speak their works in public forums and on public transportation - both here in Florida and in New York - and I think that's because Poetry (older than Prose in the scheme of human recorded history) was initially oral and performed by griots, bards, minstrels, etc.

But now I feel that, as a society, Poetry should be consumed in all its forms: auditory and visual as well as expose ourselves to other ethnic and cultural poetics. I will speak more on this subject in another post.