Monday, October 17, 2016

Inktober 10/16/16 and 10/17/16- Submission #11 and #12

Here's my next set of Inktober submits in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. That's my protagonist's new boss, and of course, my protagonist on the right. 
I messed up on Stacey's tail. Should have left it white and outlined in brown like the rest of her. Too dark against the black circle. Sheesh.
Mrs. Burrows(c)

More Inktober to come!

In order to try and do as much work as possible with the least bit of time expended, I'll be doing the next couple of drawings in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. I always wanted to try my hand at them as other artists I admire. Plus, since I am writing a story in those periods, I want to embody most of its aesthetics and pop culture. Hope you enjoy these next Inktober submissions!

Inktober 10/14/16 - Submission #10

I think I'm going to lay off the detailed work and do some ink doodling for the next few days. By the way, the satyr is the hamadryad's 'steady' (Can I still use that term? I've been accused of using a lot of old-fashioned words!).

'Slasher' Castellano(c)

Inktober 10/12/16 - Submission #9

Another character from another story in draft.
Had to catch up on my Inktober submissions! Here's another character that goes with my centuar people. She's a hamadryad, a tree spirit/nymph. Her tree is the maple. I made some proportion mistakes.
My hamadryad 'Nirii'(c)

Inktober 10/12/16 - Submission #8

My protagonists from novel. This piece needs so much more but I'm pressed for time. I think I made Slasher's paw too large though he has large paws. I do like drawing them together and writing about them.
Stacey & Slash Castellano (c)

Inktober 10/12/16 - Submission #7

One of my characters from my sci-fi space opera comic about a canine crew in space. She's an artificial intelligence being. Anybody who reads X-Men and even Image Comics' WildCATS will see she's a total furry ripoff!
"KAI - AI dog"(c)