Monday, March 20, 2017

Somebody's Become A Bad Guy

Someone's becoming a villain.

A character who I thought would be a help to my main protagonists is frightfully becoming an antagonist. The more scenes with his best friend, my male main character, he is showing another side that no one who knows him is especially liking.

The more my hero gets close to my shero/heroine, the more antagonistic this 'friend' becomes!

Also, the schoolmate friend who I thought would simply be a weak secondary character is actually getting stronger the more he interacts with my protags as well as with other characters. He is becoming my main couple's 'cheerleader' and doing his best to support them both emotionally, not just in obvious material means.

These writerly revelations has changed several chapters and relationships as well as the tone of the story in a dynamic way. Because of such revelatory mutations, I don't have to rely on several of my journal notes. I can simply write blindly and freely.

More to come...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Art of Plugging Away...

Ahhh... It's been a while since I wrote one of these.

shutterstock photo keyword writer
A lot has been happening with my writing. I'm applying for many writing opportunities, revising, editing, and then submitting. Being a nervous wreck as deadlines approach and I wonder will I be accepted. A short story was accepted, but a query letter's objective wasn't. *weeps* photo by Arinas74
You may have noticed I changed the wording in the title and subtitle for this blog. I think it's more straight forward rather than so enigmatic with the previous title!

I also updated my website, "trimmed the fat," so to speak. I tidied up the wording, paying close attention to my Visitor Tracker on the main page. I've not only been getting visitors from the United States, but also a couple from overseas! It's both exciting and frightening, which is why I decided to tweak the wording and rearrange some of the icon links. Need to be professional at all times.

I'm also looking into more professional freelance writing so that I may supplement my income. The novel is now a 'working novel' instead of a 'novel draft' or a 'work-in-progress'. Its latest was at 580+ pages on the main manuscript. Still writing. Still researching.

I bring one book log (what I call my writing journals)
My two protagonists (c)
to my main job so I can use my breaks and in-between tutoring sessions to write some more. Stacey Hankin and Slasher Castellano are both fun protagonists to write about and that's a good sign to a writer. We need to feel sympathetic towards our characters, even our antagonists, or the tales would never be told.

Again, thanks for reading. As more writing adventures continue, even artistic ones, please watch this space!
The website is a focal point and my 'business card', but my blogs, especially this one, are a diary/journal that I use to keep readers in the loop.

Lastly, SUBSCRIBING to this blog is FREE! I may offer a newsletter in the future that will be attached to it. We will see.
And again, THANK YOU, Dear Readers.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Political Atmosphere Brings Out Pop Culture

The crazier this political climate becomes, the more speculative pop culture is referenced. The titles with the asterisk have been referenced by news anchors, news consultants, and common sense political figures.

*Animal Farm
*Lord of the Rings
*Harry Potter
*Twilight Zone
Guy Fawkes (V for Vendetta)

Monday, March 13, 2017

The little things in life...

About four days ago, my cellphone died.

Though this annoys me, I did write a scene in longhand that needed to be jotted for a while. Nine pages were composed on a Sunday and I even updated the homepage for my official website. It was the fastest update I did in the ten years I've had the site!

I think the problem is what I do with my cellphones: I don't just text and talk. I blog, I update to social media, I research, I check accounts, I record, I write notes, stories, and essays. If I could do illustrations on my phones, I would.

Thank goodness the cellphone was still under warranty, most of my apps and info are on the cloud, and a replacement is suppose to arrive later this evening.

RIP, my LG V10. RIP.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Best-selling YA Novel Written by a Teen

My English teacher assigned "The Outsiders" to my junior high school class.

Between 1989-1991, I attended John F. Kennedy Junior High (now the updated Middle School on its marquee) also known as 'Jail For Kids' to local students. This was no fanciful insult. We had fights every day, school police for the larger brawls, a systemic bullying problem that the administration ignored, and we seemed to possess more 'oddball' and 'unstable' teachers than what our peers from other schools knew. 

I was small, bookish, Asthmatic, skinny, wore large glasses, was bullied daily, and definitely disliked by many schoolmates (& a few teachers) because I didn't speak as others did, behave as others did, had different hobbies/interests, or dressed differently from my peer group.

My family library had an old edition hardcover of the book so I didn't have to buy what I thought at the time was the 'awful paperback' my classmates had to purchase.

1967 Vikings 1st Ed. 

The other kids constantly ribbed me because they thought my 1960s edition 'looked weird', but, the more I read the story, and watched the film in class, the more I learned about alienation. 

The struggles of real teens, class issues, youth delinquency, violence, the need to belong. I felt all that from S. E. Hinton's novel and more potently because of my 'weird' 1967 first-edition hardcover.

Yet, it was in those moments while reading, watching the film in-class and holding that book in my hands. The newer paperback edition my classmates preferred seemed too pretty, far too glossy, like an upcoming movie poster. Not as gritty and dispelling as my edition. I felt more alone but steadfast in my convictions. The 1967 cover felt more akin to the story's heart.

The film adaptation was as harrowing and gave credence as well as respect to the brilliant novel. My oldest niece preferred J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, but I preferred and felt that S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders spoke more to me as a pre-teen of the late 80s. 
"Stay golden [everybody]! Stay golden!"***

***The Outsiders readers/film watchers will get the reference!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sgt. Welsh's 10 Year Anniversary

My father's memorial arrived last Thursday, Feb. 23.

With the fabric flowers already on his headstone, Mom planted real flowers to commemorate his 10 Year Memorial.
My mother made sure to send his info to two Jamaican newspapers (weekly and daily), here in the Miami Herald (Spanish edition - someone's mistake! And English edition) as well as in the New York newspaper.

Today, this Sunday, Mom felt compelled to visit after church so she could water the flowers and make sure the headstone was clean. She watered the plants and then splashed the rest of rainwater on the headstone. I told her that the Japanese fling or splash water on their headstones too and that Dad would appreciate it. 

Once I took pictures, Mom asked what day it was. I told her the date. She excitedly told me that today was their wedding anniversary! She was happy that she remembered all 3 days (he was born, married, and died in February) this 10th Year.