Sunday, September 23, 2018

Originally planned for posting on 2/1/2016

I don't know what took me so long to read my SFBC short story collection by deceased author Zenna Henderson! It's been a while since I read a short story that made me go to bed with a smile!

I wanted to write a blog about Henderson's "People" series. The closest I can think of to her work is Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles". That sort of homespun alien science fiction that often takes place in rural communities and their effects out on the United States countryside.

I had a plan to read many classic SF stuff, as well as to read the new stuff by people of color and women.

More on this wonderful late SF legend on a future post - With photos!

Rearranging... Part 2

Remember my rearrangement post? Well, we purchased a new armoire for the front room, near the kitchen. This one is slimmer and takes up less space. So what happened to the larger one? I replaced my dad's shelf with it as my new art shelves case. It actually holds more of my supplies, artwork, materials, and art references than before. At the bottom also holds books and magazines!

By the way, you can see the pictures of my 'new art armoire' on my Instagram. So, what happened to my dad's old shelf? It's now holding supplies for the house in the utility room. Mom and I just could get rid of it.

Part one - Rearranging 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

INKTOBER is upon us!

Inktober is fast approaching!

I'm getting ready.
I'm planning my butt off.
I have preliminary drafts and thumbnail sketches!
I ordered some new supplies. Will be laying out current supplies this weekend.

Bookmarked the new art prompts from Inktober's official social media.

I'll be posting on my personal Facebook account and on my public Instagram and Twitter accounts with the hashtag #INKTOBER and #INKTOBER2018

Looking forward to participating again and to your viewing and comments!

Monday, September 17, 2018

"Tribes of Kai" micro-review

What an incredible graphic novel...
You were too short a story and I love you.

I first read "Tribes of Kai" while it serialized in the short-lived Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated Magazine back in the 1990s. The same periodical that showed a new ElfQuest story from Wendy Pini!

Tribes of Kai takes place on a prehistoric world. The technology is Stone Age. Belief system is in its nascent stages. Knowledge is passed down orally and language are cave dweller drawings. Anthropomorphic wildcats that have 'centaur' like bodies are the dominant species and the main characters. One such individual thinks differently from the tribe and is exiled. Through lush painted comic panels and a hypnotic narration, the reader wonders: is the protagonist a harbinger of doom? Or a savior?

Tribes of Kai is written by the mesmerizing storyteller Lance Haunrogue (Writer) and each-panel-a-gallery-masterwork Daren Bader (Artist).

Please look for Tribes of Kai where ever books are sold, on eBay, or through Flesk Publications website and you can check out the publisher on Facebook!

Returning to HamiltonBook dot com

I don't know why I stopped shopping at Hamilton Books aka Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller. In the early 1990s, Edward R. Hamilton mailed newspaper catalogues. There was only an email address and hard copy order forms. But the books were beautiful.
I was doing my Bachelor's in IT and Hamilton Books offered study guide packets and boxes with CDs.

Unlike other online bookstores, Hamilton sells OVERSTOCK BOOKS, which simply means these titles are BRAND-SMACKING NEW. NOT USED.

These are simply extra copies left over after all bookstores, libraries, and educational institutions have received their allotted quantity.

Below is my first order in years. I also put a review over a year ago on their Facebook page. I've since ordered more 'gifts' for myself.

From Left to Right
1. "Marble Season" by Gilbert Hernandez
2. "The Best American Comics 2013" Edited by Jeff Smith (Creator of "Bone" graphic novel series)
3. Patricia A. McKillip Omnibus - 3 novels in 1
4. "Black Images In the Comics: A Visual History" by Fredrik Stromberg

FB: EdwardRHamiltonBookseller