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my goblin tech officer
My goblin technical officer
Full name: Carmen K. F. Welsh Jr. (Yes, I'm a junior, and yes, I'm a girl)
Online aliases.: Kayfey (Kfai), Angry Goblin, CopperSphinx, InPrettyPrint, always Goblinrant
Age: Born in the year of the Fire Dragon on the Chinese (Lunar) Calendar. Virgo on the Western Calendar.

I'm originally an "anthropomorphic" or "furry" artist and writer. This means that most of my subject matter (in art and prose) deals with talking animals, alien life forms, and personified objects.

I've published broadly: hard-copy journals/anthologies, e-zines, and online.

Please refer to my website Tabber the Red - the official site of a tabby warrior and other creations and or click on 'The Angry Goblin' Wordpress(r) button on the top left-hand for an up-to-the-minute list of published works (stories, illustrations, essays, and articles).

All links to my various social medias are on this blog's front page and on the official website.

I'm a member of a writers' guild! 
CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT: Furry Writers' Guild

Art copyright by Frank LeRenard(c) Badge copyright by Sean "Duroc" Silva(c)

I'm a member of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT: AWP

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Blogspot: Homepage

Official website: Tabber the Red
Art by Carmen Welsh Jr.

DeviantART profile: CopperSphinx 
Art by Carmen Welsh Jr.

DISCLAIMER: I try to keep my online information as accurate as I can. Any changes are my own. Because I'm a one-(wo)man-band creator, I've created and uploaded all content on my own. That means, I'm keeping up my website, social media services and various blog content ON MY OWN. I don't have the kind of scratch to pay someone else to do it. So, if you see any issues with any of my blogs and website, please be courteous and contact me by email [Provided on my website].

Thank You.

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