Friday, June 15, 2012

Writing Multicultural...Part 3

Two posts ago, I discussed that before thinking multicultural, think of the individual first.

Now I'll discuss, through personal anecdotes and experiences, how I employed these techniques, and what were the results...

'Su Ling' was my first official attempt to get published. What I mean is, I made several half-hearted attempts... Why? Well, I had been given a green light in Creative Writing, instruction/encouragement from the few professors and instructors who believed in me.
In 1999, now out in the big, bad world, I did my market research. I submitted, prayed and crossed my fingers.
After several rejections from speculative fiction magazines, disheartened, and wondering how I thought I could write, worried that even if I returned to my art, would I make it?
I almost closed my eyes quickly,  picked and submitted to one publisher on my list.
And forgot about the manuscript...

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