Saturday, January 21, 2012

Characters determine your story. You have no say.

Ay yi yi! The research for this novel is kicking my butt! While I tackle with this, I will also post current reference titles (Don't worry, they're doozies and humdingers!).

Lest one thinks this will interrupt my flow of new sketches, fear not, for I have more art to upload.
I noticed, however, that it was a good decision to edit my sketches (means removing the notes to myself - explaining character quirks, physical attributes, etc.) before uploading.

This has become a blessing in disguise as I realize names have changed, even which offspring will be whose in the making of this story.

I thought I had a set amount of children born to the different characters. Now, just as in real life, we cannot determine how many kids will make a family. Even this story is changing that presumption.

So, thankfully, when I upload more pics, you will notice there are no names or explanations, except, of course, what I place in the captions.

*Chortling* Anyone who tells you 'It's your story, you can do whatever you want with it' clearly isn't a writer!

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