Monday, January 30, 2012

Illustrators I admire - NOT comprehensive

As my previous list of favorite illustrators (Remember, neither that list or this one is comprehensive), these are the manga-ka (comic artists ) whose work I admire IMMENSELY as well.

Again, I will try to include official sites so you can view their available artwork. As I said before, these folks have long careers and diverse bodies of work. Beside the artist's name will be the work I'm most familiar with.
*Japanese names are arranged culturally: 1st surname, 2nd given name*

Adachi Mitsuru - "Short Program", "Touch" & "Jinbei", etc. He does not have an official site but there are plenty of legitimate, well-made fan sites devoted to him. I included here the Anime News Network, which is a legit, ongoing site of related anime/manga news around the world. (Mitsuru ADACHI - Anime News Network)
His artwork appears as that classic 1950s Japanese art. Don't let this put you off. He is one of the foremost, living, modern masters. He is one of the kings of the comic short story, a difficult genre.

He has also influenced other artists I admire, such as Takahashi Rumiko! (More about her on another post!)

Katsura Masakazu - "Video Girl Ai", "Shadow Lady" (Studio K2R (Masakazu Katsura Official Website) (Japanese)) His girls are drawn so realistically adorable that you swear you knew someone like her in school!

Fujishima Kosuke - "Oh, My Goddess! (Ah, Megami-sama)", "You're Under Arrest!", etc. (Kousuke FUJISHIMA - Anime News Network)

Clamp! - "X/1999", "Knights of Rayearth", "XxxHolic", "Tsubasa Reservoir" *SITE GRAPHIC INTENSIVE* (CLAMP-NET (Japanese)) (CLAMP OFFICIAL WEBSITE (English)) 4 women who started as a doujinshi (fan-made comic) circle of about 13-20. The remaining 4 now help rule Japan and the world comic fandom! Read any of their plethora of titles, interlocking series & mountains of gallery art. Understand. Be amazed. Become a devotee.

Takada Yuzo - "3x3 Eyes" (Yuzo TAKADA - Anime News Network) Don't let the cutesy artwork fool you. He tells a mean tale. Don't read his stuff at night! There. You have been warned.

Takeuchi Naoko - "Sailor Moon" (Of course!!) ( (unofficial site of Taekuchi-sensei)) She is also married to fellow manga-ka, Togashi Yoshihiro of "Yuu Yuu Hakusho"!! Great anime/manga! Woot!

Asamiya Kia - "Inspector Gadget"(!), "Silent Mobius", "Steam Detectives" (Baka-Updates Manga - ASAMIYA Kia)

Shirow Masamune - "Dominion Tank Police", "Appleseed", "Ghost in the Shell", etc. (sTwo - Shirowledge!) (sTwo - (Japanese))

Ikegami Ryoichi - "Crying Freeman", "Mai, the Psychic Girl", "Strain" (Baka-Updates Manga - IKEGAMI Ryoichi) His comic art is so photorealistic, it's scary!

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