Saturday, January 14, 2012

A list of Illustrators I admire - Definitely NOT exhaustive

Here is a list of my favorite illustrators.
My introduction to these artists were often by book & magazine covers.
They also have thriving fine art careers in other industries.
Besides each artist's name are the examples that introduced me to their work (Just a tip of the iceberg).

Have tried to include official sites. Sorry, I can't STAND Wikipedia.
Braldt Bralds - "Cat Fantastic" book covers, "Moontide & Magic Rise" & "Initiate Brother" duologies, assorted covers (Braldt Bralds Studio)

Thomas Canty - "The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Annual Collection", assorted covers (Thomas Canty)

Leo (Deceased) & Diane Dillon - "Why Do Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears", "Ashanti to Zulu", earlier editions of "Chronicles of Narnia" series, "The People Can Fly", "House of Spirits" book, assorted series, various (Leo Dillon - Summary Bibiliography) & (Diane Dillon - Summary Bibilography)- they do not have an official page but other organizations and publishers have official pages for the pair.

Michael Herring - Earlier editions of the 'Lord of the Rings' book covers, various (Paintings by Michael Herring)

Jody A. Lee - "Mage Storm" & "Kingdom of Valdemar" series, various (Jody Lee Official Webpage)

Keith Parkinson (Deceased) - "Death Gate" Cycle, assorted covers (Keith Parkinson Online)

Wendy Pini - "ElfQuest" series in comics, graphic novels, various (ElfQuest) - with her husband, Richard Pini, they are both talented writers.

Romas - "The Rowan" series & "Sholan Alliance" series, assorted covers (Romas Brandt Kukalis' Home Page)

Rowena - Two "Apprentice Adept" books, assorted covers, various (Welcome to the Official Website for Rowena Morill)

Laurence Schwinger - "The Belgariad" series, one "Apprentice Adept" cover, various (Laurence Schwinger : Wizard World Comic Cons : )

Darrell K. Sweet (Deceased) -"Xanth" series, "Shannara" series, "The Wheel of Time" series, "The Baker's Boy",  assorted series, various (Darrell K. Sweet's official site)

Michael Whelan - "Dragonriders of Pern" & "Chanur" series, most of the "Foundation" series, assorted series, various (Michael Whelan | Science Fiction and Fantasy Artist)

Stephen Youll - "Death Gate" series, "Star of the Guardians" series, "Liveship Traders" series, various (THE ART OF STEPHEN YOULL)

This, of course, is not a complete list of my favorites and influences. That would take a lifetime to compile, however, I will be posting favorite writers as well.

Also, please explore the sites I provided.
Most of these artists have far-reaching careers and long bodies of work.
Exploring their sites is, pun definitely intended, especially for these speculative fiction artists, like exploring new worlds.

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