Monday, February 6, 2012

Proud to draw...Animals!

Just yesterday, I made a statement to the fact that while I've been an artist all my life, I've enjoyed drawing animals and animal characters more than any other.

Once, I was accused of not wanting to draw humans!
Mind you, the person accusing me did not like the fact I was the only girl in his comic art circle, and could draw well-muscled heroes/heroines, and curvaceous women while his anatomy was clunky and ill-proportioned.

I took my cue from my early influence of Frank Frazetta (more on him in the next post!). Fortunately for me, my compatriots were pleased and impressed that a girl could draw at the level of art our group had set for itself.

I take pride that I have pushed to draw a variety of subjects so that I might be able to fully realize my worlds. It's just as one reads. The more books, the wider a mental toolbox to pull ideas from.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I have no shame in my art or in what I draw. It is part of me and makes my life worthwhile.

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