Saturday, April 14, 2012

Science Fiction discovery

"Andre Norton" (c)

NOTE: Originally written in June 25, 2002. Changes are in brackets.

SF discovered me in sixth grade with [Ms.] Andre Norton's "Warlock of the Witch World".

I later read the entire series of Bruce Coville's "My Teacher is an Alien". Man, I loved those books! It really opened my mind to what I liked about aliens!
"My Teacher is an Alien" series (c)
"Bruce Coville" (c) Stephen D. Cannerelli

Earlier, from 4th grade, I wrote a series on my own version of [the] Superman [story], a tale that continued into my first years [in] Community College.

Later, [...] I am now in my mid-[thirties], I decided to discard much of what I thought were my best ideas and reinvented myself, changing ideas into concrete stories.

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