Sunday, April 29, 2012

Research does not have to be painful!

Research, especially for my creations, has often been a source of pleasure. I know that sounds odd, but experience has taught that when I research, look into information, it actually enriches the story, enhances the art.

Anthropological art, biological artists, those illustrations in science journals and encyclopedias have always fascinated me.

Some years ago, I realized I watched too many documentaries. I was a documentary-junkie. I decided to cut back.

Yet, taking notes from internet research, from numerous resources, checking out books, buying books, viewing documentaries with an eagle-eye, I was driving myself crazy.

It was a simple case of information overload.

Finally, I told myself that perhaps I worked harder, not smarter.

One day, I sat down, and decided to do something different: I would watch the documentary as a casual viewer, not taking notes.

I would tape the appropriate documentaries, disregard those that did not capture what I needed at the moment, and simply write down the experts' names, or a synopsis of the documentary series.

I still buy references -used- and I no longer visit my local library - I have most of what I need from my home libraries as well as what I now glean and receive from social media, and now, thanks to DVR, I can peruse and choose documentaries at my discretion.
Jotting down URLs, learning to categorize Bookmarks, these are the tools and tips for not making research agonizing, but productive, and, dare I say it? Even fun!
Yes, life doing research is good again.

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