Saturday, August 25, 2012

"I'm SO sorry!"

"I'm SO sorry!" 1st draft

"I'm SO sorry!" final draft

Here are two renderings of the same scene. The chapter this scene originates has already been drafted. 

Here, Stacey Hankin is looking for her friend, 'Slash', who, after being left for dead, the young woman found help for him. 
When he's mostly recovered, he disappears, leaving his forwarding address with their mutual new friend.
Stacey goes looking for him, and finds him recovering in his family house.
However, when she is led to him, he's sleeping and wakes up shirtless. Stacey is embarrassed enough to quickly turn away, much to Gina Castellano's amusement.
Did more research in order to render the clothing on both women. Also, by Stacey's dress, it changes the day the scene originally took place. Now, I may make changes not only to the next draft, but also within the story. *Sigh* The life of a writer/artist.


  1. I first thought you were apologizing for something. ;)

  2. You should see the other chapter titles I've come up with;-)