Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Bascomb" & "Slash"

"Bascomb Thompkins" (c) by Carmen K. Welsh
"'Slash' Castellano" (c) by Carmen K. Welsh

Art again! Jeez, I really need more breaks! Was so drained, I couldn't even lift myself to do more image uploads to this blog.
But now I am back and, hopefully, in FULL FORCE.

Here are two characters from the dog novel (Yes, it is still being typed). The one on the left is my adorable Newfoundland (Yay, I like these dogs the same reason I like Saint Bernards and Great Pyrenees - the later used in an 80's Japanese anime "Belle & Sebastian"). As pups, these breeds tend to resemble bear cubs, and these dogs seem to know they are of immense size, and so, they are often good with children.

Bascomb is my straight-shooter, a down-to-earth guy. In the middle of the story, he meets my canine gang leader to the right.
Both men, though worlds apart, become fast friends. Yet, in spite of my dog gang boss' ties to the underworld, he does not try to besmirch his boxer friend.

I also have Boxers who are boxers, but I did not want to use the breed for my champion heavyweight character. Too obvious, done to death.
Also, though the Newfoundland is considered a gentle giant, I think, in a boxing match, could take on a Boxer any day! But, I digress. I don't want the dog lovers to come with torches and pitchforks!

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