Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Writers that are artists/Artists that are writers...

When I posted on my Women of MFA Facebook page, it was a few sentences of four well-known writers that are/were also accomplished artists. In my readings, I have learned that many authors weren't just doodlers (as many are!), but actually talented illustrators, often illustrating their own work before it took off!

I may one day compile this list and showcase it in a proper setting, but for now, on this blog it shall be!

Shall we begin?

I have learned that such folks are rare.
When I asked if I could submit a cover for an e-zine, I could tell the editor was a bit skeptical. But afterwards, when my online story was going into the hard copy anthology, the same editor insisted that I also illustrate for my own story. He even bragged about me when he published his review on a well-known online newsletter!

Here's the link to the advertisement: Flayrah : Furry food for thought

Because "The Hobbit" is out in theatres (the next part, right?), I will mention Professor John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. He tops my list.
What? Wait! You didn't know what the J.R.R. stood for?

Tolkien's magnum opus "The Lord of the Rings" started life as bedtime stories for his children.
When it was first published, before the trilogy and the prequel went through their numerous reincarnations, Tolkien had illustrated both "Hobbit" and the covers to the other books. And I don't mean doodles, folks. Tolkien's covers, interiors and cartography (that's map-making) are so luscious, detailed and colorful, you wonder why the publishers (Ballantine and Del Rey at the time) didn't just go along with this.
Alas, many of us know that our author ideas for our books are hardly to never taken into account, so, if you can find these rare editions of Tolkien's artistic visions, KEEP THEM! Or, do a search engine of the images. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

On to my next post...

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