Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Discuss Inspiration

As my FB group continue to hotly discuss what influence J.D. Salinger, or lack thereof, on their lives because of PBS' recent documentary broadcast of the reclusive writer's life, this gives pause to my own revelation. 

I'm in the middle of a comic drafting. After uploading to my deviantART acount, and when I look over the pages, I notice very recent influence of Manga, the Japanese term for simply 'comics' and not necessarily the way we use it to mean 'Japanese comics'.

But, even more of a revelation is I see Charles Schulz's influence in my drawings. The thick and definite lines, bold and unending, are the Peanuts comic strips and cheaply printed novels that my older sister would let me purchase from the basement in Barnes and Noble(r). Flintstones was the other title. Each book cost only 25-50c.

Other strips such as Brenda Starr, Rex Morgan M.D., Hi and Lois, and so on, were my countless influences.

Though the story will be a graphic novel (because it's a continuing narrative), and there are no limited or completed storylines, and no punchlines, I would say the comic has the smell of a series with the heart of a comic strip or comic daily.

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