Sunday, November 2, 2014

To Inspire Girls!

It hurts when I am teaching young women, and a few times, older women, and I see that often, the sense of curiosity has been lost or damaged.
What I mean is that girls often show they want to DO something but family, peers, and society tells them to leave things to the boys and men. 

What was I doing as a little girl? I was playing with my brothers' toys that they outgrew. My sister is an extrovert and appeared to know what she wanted to do.
As a child in the Bronx, I played with a magician's kit, my Xmas gift one year. Another gift years later when I was in Florida, and from big sis, was a chemistry set. I was performing experiments before and after receiving it, which is probably what may have inspired my sister to buy it for me. 

I believe these childhood experiences fostered a hunger in me to learn, to question, to seek out the truth...
Many of the young women I now encounter often yearn for knowledge, or don't appear to understand that they must ask questions. Their excuses range from 'I don't want to be a bother' to 'I didn't THINK to ask'. 

What is going on? Where is the female potential to question and to understand? As a functional human being, it is each individual's responsibility to seek and to learn! Especially us women! As the majority of the world's population, we can contribute so many things to our distinct societies, and yet, many things in those very societies, whether overt or subtle, bar us from doing so.

Why not take the challenge to challenge yourself? Don't just leave it to some, do the world a favor and participate in the human story.... We need ALL the chapters to tell it.

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