Sunday, July 5, 2015

My first Public Reading! Part 3

The following pictures show the reaction of the audience after our readings.

     Reactions to my reading was immediate and astounding. One of my fellow seniors, who also was in workshop with me once, told me how proud she was of how far I had taken the story since she first work-shopped it. The associate dean of our program, also one of the faculty, whispered to me that I had everyone eating out of the palm of my hand!
Photo courtesy of classmate/friend Shelia

Photo courtesy of classmate/friend Shelia
That same evening, while on an outing with some of the class, our program's acting-director patted me on the shoulder and expressed how I wowed the entire auditorium, including her. I felt humbled and thrilled.

The next three days, I received thumbs-ups and earlier-termers who approached me to say how excited they were about my story. I had at least three schoolmates (one first-termer and two long-time schoolmates) tell me I had opened their eyes to my genre. Our program's former director-now-faculty-member high-fived me when we met in an elevator!

It was an exhilarating experience and one this introvert does not take lightly.
Photo courtesy of classmate/friend Shelia 

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