Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review of my dear friend, cohort, and fellow alum's SECOND BOOK
When I first met my friend, and I can now say, fellow cohort as we graduated TOGETHER, she was sophisticated, demure, intelligent, and a consummate pro. I was happy to meet and be in the same grad program as her. There are some people that one meets in a lifetime that one just wants to GROW UP and BE LIKE THEM or just glean as much to work on oneself. My friend and cohort Nancy Stancill is one such person. I read her "Saving Texas" when we basically both started in the MFA program. I was highly impressed and more so that I got to know her before reading her first novel.

The book proved so incredible that I read in just a few days and asked her at our next semester to sign it for me. Now, her own talent and hard work and with the help of our grad school mentors, she has written another page-turner.

Here is my review of "Winning Texas":
Annie Price is back and she's more satiated into her role. Price is fully-realized and the reader gets a sense that she has grown in a real-life sense.

The sensory experience in this book gave this reader a tantalizing taste of Texas culture and the immediacy that this is very much a contemporary tale. In no way did I doubt the author's narrative power. Nancy Stancill took my hand and led me through this tale of intrigue, politics, adventure, and suspense.

As with her previous book "Saving Texas", the characters are highly likable and highly visible. Stancill's view on her cast is sympathetic, humane, and sincere, which means when there is a kidnapping, murder, and other inhumane acts against them or that they commit against others, it's sudden, crushing, angering and sad.

Stancill's "Texas" is of course, diverse, cosmopolitan, and very much real in grit and substance. Characterization is done in just a few sentences and I got the sense that if I visited Texas, I would meet these same individuals. Bravo to Nancy Stancill for a compelling sequel that has enough bite to it that the story can stand on its own. I'm ready for a Third Act! Or, even a completely different story in a different 'universe'!

It is available on Amazon and where ever books are sold!

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