Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sgt. Welsh's 10 Year Anniversary

My father's memorial arrived last Thursday, Feb. 23.

With the fabric flowers already on his headstone, Mom planted real flowers to commemorate his 10 Year Memorial.
My mother made sure to send his info to two Jamaican newspapers (weekly and daily), here in the Miami Herald (Spanish edition - someone's mistake! And English edition) as well as in the New York newspaper.

Today, this Sunday, Mom felt compelled to visit after church so she could water the flowers and make sure the headstone was clean. She watered the plants and then splashed the rest of rainwater on the headstone. I told her that the Japanese fling or splash water on their headstones too and that Dad would appreciate it. 

Once I took pictures, Mom asked what day it was. I told her the date. She excitedly told me that today was their wedding anniversary! She was happy that she remembered all 3 days (he was born, married, and died in February) this 10th Year.

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