Friday, November 10, 2017

Going back to basics

Buying paper and sketchbooks as an artist is more complicated. After using last of birthday money at my local art store that I need to return the 9 ×12.

Saw a 7 × 10 stack next to that and realized I should've bought two of those instead of purchasing a new 9 × 12. Want to down-scale.
Have been creating a lot of art on this paper but I remember for many years creating on standard 8.5 × 12. So using a 7 × 10 isn't a stretch.

This particular sketchbook paper isn't just any paper. This is Canson, a paper company established in 1557! I've been using their paper for years (Not as long as they've been in existence. Haha) and this sketchbook is for mixed media, 98 lbs, and acid-free.
It brings out vibrant color on designer markers and especially watercolor, which I am now using with my beloved color pencils.

I remember creating a lot of my early works on regular 8.5 x 12 and so I'm returning to those days.

The new skills will bring new creativity and it also has technical practicality. It's easier to scan on my 3-in-1 copier machine or on my mom's copier via wi-fi.

This will make life easier to take pictures and upload to my social media and scan/upload to my online art portfolio account.

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