Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Writing Opportunities, galore! Just Take the Time!

What many of my readers may not know is that I have been working on several applications for work, grants, and opportunities with writing.

*The following is for the writers among the readers regardless of experience level. There may be terms and jargons used that are particular to the freelance writing world.*
**DISCLAIMER - Remember to often take what you read from columns, essays, and articles with a grain of salt but always exercise common sense and good judgement. Writing is a business after all. Also, what I've learned over the years is if more than one publication has said the same thing on the same matter, it's probably best to follow that instruction!**

For over three years, I've scoured and researched what's out there, either internationally, nationally, and state-side, and for almost two years, I've actively pursued these in order to jump-start projects, travel to different residencies/retreats, and interact with more writing communities outside my comfort zone. I even attended a fellowship workshop last year 2017.
I've taken more chances, more risks, and knocked on more doors than I have ever done in my entire adult life.

When I decided to begin this journey during my community college Creative Writing course, there were clear Do's/Don'ts.
Have also been given tons of advice over time, often from many well-meaning folks. Advice from writer magazines, online articles, and blogs. I've also attended workshops, conferences, seminars, and residencies, and there have been advice from those too.
I've seen on at least five applications (for the following: fellowships, grants, scholarships, residencies, workshops, retreats, contests, and seminars) what I'm seeing is a pattern.

**Certain items that would render many a writer into the ineligibility category:
1. Publication in a vanity press
2. Self-published
3. Book reviews
4. School publications (college/university)
5. Scholarly/Instructional writing
**Another DISCLAIMER remember that writing is personal for each individual, which means we can make our own choices.
However, there are CLEAR NO-NOs in Writing: Do Not Ever Pay to Publish Your Work. Not even in Self-publishing does one do that.
No upfront payment to an editor. No upfront payment for someone to publish one's work. No payments to edit. No payments to proofread. No payments to put someone's work into print.**

Anything new happens, I'll be sure to announce it here on In Pretty Print and my bibliography blog, The Angry Goblin (please check this for any info on my latest publications), and as always, my official website Tabber the Red is where it's at! 

Updated every few months while the blogs are updated every few weeks, the website is my be-all to finding out everything about me as an author and artist. 

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Take care, dear readers, and again, Happy 2018!

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