Friday, April 6, 2012

"Children Isabella & Giovanni ages 8 and 9"

Sometimes, you get an image so perfect, so right, that you really don't want to redo it to final form. This rough sketch is one of them.

I'm not saying that, as an artist, I don't think it needs improvement or refinement. It most certainly does. What I mean is the spirit of the draft, how both characters' personalities shine through, at least, to me.

Isabella and Giovanni grow up together. As adolescents, they become lovers. They break up, each going their separate ways. She marries respectively as he grows into a life of crime. In spite of this, the childhood sweethearts still keep in touch on occasion.
Even in this picture, circa 1914, as they walk side-by-side, they appear to hold hands.

There are several periods and/or decades that are my personal favorites. While I often mention the 1940s being my earliest love, I was especially fond of the 1880s - 1900s, what would be quaintly named 'Turn-of-the-century', or the more aptly historical 'Industrial Age'. I especially like drawing Isabella's pinafore (I believe that's the 'apron' or 'smock' that went over most girl's dresses at the time). They wore these during school and house/yard work, and almost never in church or special occasions such as house parties.
Notice the laced up boots both genders wore. I like drawing these. Also, I have Giovanni in knickerbockers.
My dad once mentioned he wore these as a boy!
I LOVE History.

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