Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Writing Multicultural..Or writing about persons different from you

Dear Reader, the following topic will extend to several postings.

It deals with a wide and varied topic. I feel I can gather my thoughts by making each post bite-sized and easy to swallow and digest.
Also, Here There Be Anecdotes.

Remember, these are my opinions, what I have learned from personal experiences.

If I offend, or upset, it isn't intentional nor is that my motivation.

Race and ethnicity are a part of ALL of US, which goes to my first beef: what's up with the terms "Ethnic Food" or "Ethnic Fiction"? Or anything 'ethnic' tagged on?
So, European-Americans and other world-wide whites WEREN'T ethnic groups? (Sorry, alliteration was unintentional)

These are the silly and foolish tags we use indiscriminately because it's an 'In thing'. The 'Trendy' thing to do or say.

In case you miss a post, and want to return to tips, anecdote, suggestions, checklists, simply click on the following tag(s) under the post : multicultural, ethnicity.

I will also title the posts in Parts.
This will make it easier for me to categorize for you.

On to the postings...