Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cat fantasy epic..part 2

I just finished a documentary on Islamic art called: "Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World" (2012).
It reflected Islamic art through the following countries: Egypt, Israel, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, Spain, Mali and India.
I am also re-reading an article in The Writer Magazine called: "Making short stories from bits and pieces" by award-winning author, Linda McCullough Moore. (The Writer/August 2012/pg 28-29)

Why am I fascinated by ancient art that continues to beguile scholars and the world?

Why am I reading an article on the technique that got me published over the years in the first place?

There is an agreement I made with myself: when drafting a piece, I need to know what kind of information I will reach for to electrify my writing.

I can't remember exact influences and inspirations in that moment and time, but I try to give a snap statement to encapsulate what space the story means.
Here is a list of my published stories and what I state within parentheses.

"Su Ling" (after a Tang Dynasty short story and that particular form)

"The Merchant's Daughter" (social commentary and I wanted to write from a vendor's point of view)
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