Sunday, August 5, 2012

What ideas make a story?

I mentioned in last post about an awesome (most documentaries are!) documentary I recently viewed and a wonderful article about how a short story is borne in "bits and pieces".
*Check last post for documentary title and magazine issue/page*

"The Contract" (my childhood fascination with royal lines, and my distaste towards politics)

"I Guard the Gate" (my love for Ancient Egypt, angels and dimensional portals)

"White Ministrant" (my interest in Middle Eastern culture, modern and ancient. Also, my first foray into writing a creature-feature)

"Firefly Crown" (a continuation from "The Contract" story arc, or, far into the storylines' future as well as my first post love scene. I also feel this is a "Masterpiece Theatre" - Alistair Cooke hosting, but with cats)
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