Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's the BIG Idea? Part 2

In my previous post, I continue to work on this particular storyline: about prophecy, lynxes, and caracals.
I wish to learn more, and therefore, I write more.

This cat series is where I feel at home, because it has been with me from the teenage years to my life now.

I may begin another blog with a different media to showcase the cat series as it involves a different set than the dog novel.

The cat epic fantasy is a series of short stories, and as it is NOT historical but fantastic, I have no background to go to, nor a foundation to read on, but have to build this world from the ground up. However, I find this refreshing to not be hindered by historical facts.

Do I create EVERYTHING myself? No. I still must research extensively, just not in the same way with the dog novel, which I must work within the framework of reality because there is no magic, no superhuman feats, or whimsy.
Simply put, folks trying to make it in a world crushed by the Great Depression...

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