Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!!! *3 Copies Left!!*

No, do not adjust your monitor...

What link you're seeing will allow you to download a cool SF book! Courtesy of the author! And Libboo!
Go on! You know you wanna!

Download "Infinity Squad" by Shuvom Ghose! Courtesy of the Author & Libboo!


  1. Carmen,
    Thanks for thinking my book is cool! You and my wife will have to discuss Katmandu sometime- it's one of her favorite comics!

    And for all of Carmen's readers- if you want more daring, fun, independent sci-fi or fantasy to be published, check out Libboo and help Carmen buzz up great unknown authors!

  2. Thanks a lot! I appreciate that! And Katmandu was one of many influences that helped me to write and publish my epic cat fantasy short story series, the Tabber the Red Cycle!