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Interview with Ms. MaryAnn Kempher!

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Hi Carmen (Kay) 
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Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder was released on April 14th, my birthday.
Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder is romantic suspense. It will appeal to romance lovers, because Scott and Katherine (eventually) have such a fantastic friendship, that blossoms into something more. They really like each other and the reader will really like them. It will also appeal to readers who love a good mystery: a woman is brutally murdered three blocks from Katherine’s. She sees the killer as he’s preparing to dispose of the woman’s body, but manages to outrun him. He finds out who she is and starts stalking her.
1. What was the hardest part of writing?
Having the discipline to sit down and actually write. Having the strength to ignore the refrigerator and television isn’t as easy as it might sound, not when they’re just feet from the computer.
2. What books/authors inspired you to become a writer?
Hands down Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. The witty banter between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice inspired the dialogue between my two main characters. The mystery element of Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder is all Agatha Christie. She’s my mystery hero.
3. What are your best times for writing? (Your circadian rhythm)
In the morning, after the kids have gone to school. I have to have quiet, or at least no interruptions.
4. I know you're dieting, but forgive me, I have a sweet tooth also! What are your comfort foods? While writing? And outside of writing?
Jeez, when am I not dieting? I’m a weakling when it comes to brownies, cakes or chocolate ice cream. Love sweets. While writing, I don’t eat a lot. The time of day I usually eat too much is in the evening. I love to eat while watching television.
5. When you're up against a brick wall (writer's block), what do you do to unwind and get unstuck?
I’m there right now. I’ve started my second book and am having a hard time. What usually works is to just walk away from writing for a little while, to take the pressure off myself.
6. What's your writing schedule like?
I don’t have a firm schedule. I usually sit down at the computer around ten in the morning for about three hours.
7. What does MaryAnn Kempher do for fun?
Gosh, I’m so boring. I really am. I read, go to the mall, go out to eat, see a movie. Everyone else in the world seem to be having so much more fun than me, but when I think about doing some of the things they’re doing-it looks like work. Oh, I’m lazy too.
8. Any words of wisdom and advice to other writers?

Before you start writing, go buy yourself some self-help books in the genre you want to write. There are few things you’d attempt to do without first getting some instructions on the best way to do it, why is writing any different?
Author MaryAnn Kempher
My family moved to Reno NV, where Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder is set when I was 15. I currently live in Florida with my husband and two children, two dogs and one cat. My favorite authors are Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. My guilty pleasures include any and all sweets. I love all cake, cookies, brownies, and of course a grande Café Mocha.

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