Friday, May 17, 2013


Been busy cleaning out the bookcases in my bedroom and in the den, or family room.
Since mom and I use the den as our office and for various creative purposes, she had the brilliant idea that the bookcase my dad built for me can instead be used as an art shelf! So I took down all its books ( I have tons), and afterwards, mom and I carried it out.

It fits perfectly!  It is narrow enough that it fits next to the armoire and not too wide that it doesn't block the backdoor.

Why I saying this? Because mom wanted me to clear off the family bookcases' shelves for my own use.

If I can get all, or most, of the research books situated in the den, have my taboret (art table) cleared, and more of my books stored away in my bedroom, I will feel more at rest when getting ready to sleep, and more energized to write or draw in the den.

It's some of those principles that Feng Shui adopted, which I practice.

Part two - Rearranging

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