Friday, October 18, 2013

Tired of being judged!

As an artist and writer, people constantly ask to see my work. When they do, I am almost NEVER prepared for the results.

All right, now on to the rest of this diatribe - I have a complaint. It has irked me for some time, until, finally felt I had to tweet about it, which I did, and ranted about it to my "Women of the MFA" group, my Facebook school's page, as well as the rant has grown large enough to become a blog post (Which is what you're reading now. Ta DA).

Why, when people look at my characters, and I show them my couples, the main female is QUICKLY judged faster than the main male?

Because I am an educator at heart, I like to give examples so I don't sound totally random.
So, for your reading displeasure, here are the things I've been told (to my face!) about my (female) characters.

Keep in mind, not ONE of these statements has ever been directed to or said about my male characters:

"She's too chunky."

"She's got thunder thighs!"

"Kill her off. She's not good enough for the male protagonist."

"I don't like her hair(style)."

"I don't want her with the male protagonist."

"Get rid of her and use me instead (with the male character)."

"She sounds like an idiot."

The recent, "She's not pretty enough."

And, today, "Why is she wearing that? Change her outfit."

This has happened over the years, and, at first, I thought it was funny, because, you know, these are fictional folks.

Now, I'm feeling almost personally judged, though these people aren't 'real' to others, they are REAL to me, their writer/artist!

Can the back-biting/judgmental foolishness stay in the real world and leave the fictional world alone? Can I get an Amen? Or should I shut up and stop whining? 

I would really like to know why our society loves to quickly judge the female, whether she is real or fictional. Why the need to jump down on a woman, from both genders, and how detrimental do you think this is to our society/economy/globally?

What is your take as a writer/poet/artist/reader? Please leave a comment on this. Thank you.

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