Thursday, March 13, 2014

And the Beat Goes On...

*Singing*...just like my love, everlasting!

Sorry, I've dated myself, but, that's a cool song. YouTube it!

Anywhoo, have been sick with the flu since last week. I'm still not fully recovered. Have this persistent cough, however, I was able to return to work just this week.
I am doing that graduate work and trying to work on the dog gangster novel. My mentor wants me to start from the beginning, which is difficult since I rarely start a story from the beginning! I know, that sounds cracked, but, the longer a narrative, the more I jump around, trying to find the meat of it.
I already did an awkward Chapter One, and a more fluid Chapter Two. Now, I'm working on Chapter Three, and it's a daunting task. Aargh!
I will get it together.

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