Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter Wrap Up! *Bronies will know*

I had so many things I planned to do, as I often try to nearing year's end. I updated my website AGAIN, updated the blogs, had planned to overhaul my mom's Blogger store as I shut down one account to open another.

Good thing I did most of my list earlier, possibly a few months ago. As I did volunteering for the Book Fair, I had to add that to my CV on LinkedIn. Once I published a new piece, both LinkedIn profile and my bibliography blog needed updating.

Now that the craziness and wonderfulness of Christmas has ended and I look forward to the New Year, I try to settle accounts, update my eBay store (you'll notice there is an icon added to the blog. I'll use a smaller icon later, like what I use on my official website), and do some more writing and computer work that my job and my coursework had prevented. I am also looking to my last term before I graduate. There are many things I must attend to. Updates and tweaking will continue.

"In Pretty Print" has gone through many changes as I have. Here's looking to more. Much, much more.

P.S. I promised my readers and visitors that I would continue to share 'classic' posts online, and I will do so, until all of the writing information originally posted to 'Third Sunday' is sent. Here's to 2015!

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