Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'm in my FOURTH term!!!

Well. This is it. I am in my fourth term in my MFA program and very excited.

In spite of the early mornings, the commando-style seminars, and the copious amounts of handouts, duo-tang folders and exercises, there have been exhilarating moments and being in the company of what one cohort said "my tribe".

Now my draft has crystallized into a different beast all together. It has been encouraged to stretch and morph. It has been overhauled and redecorated. Now I am in that mode where I will try out the ideas suggested to see if this will lead to a final product to springboard into a final draft.

Yikes, now I am sounding more academic because as I type this, I am in seminar, but I want to have more entries on this blog before this month concludes. There are too many distractions and asides to concentrate on. I am also concentrating on my future before I graduate next term (June). There needs to be self-evaluating even while I don't want to self-evaluate.

Eventually, this will end and I will miss it.

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