Friday, December 11, 2015

Andre Norton as undergrad studies

Life is not fair sometimes. No, I mean, really unfair. Back in the almost-mid to mid-90s, I was an awkward 17-19 year old traipsing around Miami Dade Community. I was withdrawn, bookish, and by then, highly steeped into the science fiction and fantasy genres. I couldn't get enough of it and, except for a few friends and fellow art-majors, I pretty much kept to myself.

By now, I was reading Andre Norton, a living-legend sf/f author who had almost consistently published since the mid-30s. She was prolific. She churned out novels, short stories, series, and shared worlds. Her worst was better than other writers' best and I loved her books to pieces. For some reason, her works weren't often re-edited into newer editions, so, many of her stories were out-of-print. In fact, I familiarized myself with the local used bookstore in my neighborhood. It was one of only a handful where I could find Ms. Norton's works.

I have another post that I will link with this because I waxed eternal about her in it, but, I will say this: Andre Norton stories were ahead of their times in terms of style and gender-equality. Half her books had female protagonists just as the other half were male. Her writing in sci-fi was just as exemplary as her fantasy writings. She has influenced many of the speculative fiction authors over the generations. She continues long after her death.

And while I was an awkward new college student reading battered copies of her books, now in my late 30s, my community college now a 4-year, I still read her.

But there's a catch.

Ms. Norton is now being TAUGHT at my college campus...
[Part 2 in another post]

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