Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fun Post! But still being serious...

Everyone should have a teddy
   Just wanted my readers/visitors to know  that I joined Camp NaNoWriMo! Why  should you care? Well, this time, one can  set how high the word count must be. I set  mine to 15,000. Seems attainable, doesn't  it? But, then again, I need all the motivation I can create for myself to complete this novel. For anybody who frequents social media, the bookish teddy on the left is my buddy from graduate school. I saw him and just fell in love. He is now my mascot when I'm in the middle of beating a deadline, mired in research, or just need somebody cute to pick up my spirits when I'm stuck in the middle of writing!

Gift from a work friend

Which takes me to the next image on the left. This was a gift from a dear friend at work. Everyone knows, even students, that I am a short story author and am constantly writing. This gorgeous notebook given as a gift (was it birthday? Christmas? GAH! Can't remember!:( ) and I am using it along with its other companions.
Dear readers, you have no idea how many of these journals I have... I need them. Like a vampire needs blood.

The Harlem Renaissance
 My next two books definitely are high on the list of research that saved my bacon! When I had dropped down a plot-hole, or paper, paper everywhere, and not a plot to think, both these books on the Harlem Renaissance pulled me firmly into those times, giving me their history as the beating of a heart. There have been so many references that have helped the development of this story and of me as a writer, I don't know where there will be enough space to dedicate them all, but, this blog will have to do!
When Harlem Was In Vogue

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