Monday, August 15, 2016

From my Facebook post

This graphic novel anthology was recommended to me by If one reads my "In Pretty Print" Blog, anthologies have been and are very important to my reading/writing life. Who would think that a comic collection about being a female gamer would be a thing?

"Chain Mail Bikini" is not just a nod to Conan the Barbarian's Red Sonja signature yet highly implausible outfit. This comic anthology is created by female and femme-identifying artists.
Each stand-alone story shows how each author connected to different video games. How the gaming life influenced their own lives.

Here are dreamlike tales, coming-of-age, and slice-of-life/memoir-like stories on how playing video games actually informed a life, gave direction, and even set many of the authors on a path to their destiny.

As both, an artist and writer, it's good for me to find such anthologies. Such collections surprise me, delight me, and not only create for these authors new fans. They inspire the best in me as a fellow creator.

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