Thursday, March 30, 2017

Journals save my life--I'm serious!

I have a library of journals. No. I'm not kidding. And I don't mean figuratively. I mean I LITERALLY have enough journals to line at least two shelves! Or maybe more!

This is due to my obsession with seeing cute diaries, artistic journals, and provocative covered notebooks. These are inevitably hardcover. I prefer the hardback kinds. They survive.

For many years, I purchased those with spines, the more they resembled an actually hardcover book, the better. If I found the kinds that had false leather look, gold trim pages, and a satin bookmark, AWESOME.

I guessed that the more a writing journal looked attractive and prestigious, I figured it would compel me to write. But I learned that was quite the opposite.

Those reference-looking diaries went on my shelf, to keep track of dreams that were repetitive or especially troubling. So when I returned to just simple hardcover journals, the writing flowed. Screwy, huh?

I changed my tastes yet again. No more journals with spines. Now I went to spiral notebooks. But they're still artsy, heavily decorated, and provocative diaries. 

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