Monday, March 20, 2017

Somebody's Become A Bad Guy

Someone's becoming a villain.

A character who I thought would be a help to my main protagonists is frightfully becoming an antagonist. The more scenes with his best friend, my male main character, he is showing another side that no one who knows him is especially liking.

The more my hero gets close to my shero/heroine, the more antagonistic this 'friend' becomes!

Also, the schoolmate friend who I thought would simply be a weak secondary character is actually getting stronger the more he interacts with my protags as well as with other characters. He is becoming my main couple's 'cheerleader' and doing his best to support them both emotionally, not just in obvious material means.

These writerly revelations has changed several chapters and relationships as well as the tone of the story in a dynamic way. Because of such revelatory mutations, I don't have to rely on several of my journal notes. I can simply write blindly and freely.

More to come...

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