Friday, June 9, 2017

When Someone Compliments You...

Some weeks ago, I got into a verbal disagreement with someone online who began to cyberbully. I've learned with years being on Twitter to immediately BLOCK and report when such a situation occurs. I was in a funk afterwards, but, then something wondrous happened.

Another creative popped up - the person was following another follower of mine - and began to ask me a series of questions about my writing. The person began to ask about a story I wrote about a decade ago! To top it off, the person tweeted quotes from it that I had to re-read my own story to be reminded. For over an hour and a half, we chatted and the person brought up how reading my stories has encouraged them to tackle their own writing... WOW.

[Here are screenshots of the convo. I erased our actual Twitter names for privacy purposes]
via Redcap Goblin
via Redcap Goblin
Writing is a solitary venture where we dearly need our communities! So when somebody compliments my writing, I hold onto these like treasure! *UPDATE: the person is a new follower and I am their new follower too!*

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