Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Poetry and Prose

This was a reply to a discussion on Facebook*
[Expanded in the interest of this blog]

Because I'm a Prose writer, I realized that I need to, at least for myself, read more Poetry. The form corrects me into appreciating the musicality of Prose. I enjoyed reading it in grade school but fell out of it for some years.

I love how Spoken Word poets will speak their works in public forums and on public transportation - both here in Florida and in New York - and I think that's because Poetry (older than Prose in the scheme of human recorded history) was initially oral and performed by griots, bards, minstrels, etc.

But now I feel that, as a society, Poetry should be consumed in all its forms: auditory and visual as well as expose ourselves to other ethnic and cultural poetics. I will speak more on this subject in another post.

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