Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday rant about Facebook's dysfunction

So sick of how segregating and silencing many of these FB groups are.

The Sailor Moon Fan group I just left wouldn't allow me to post a Sailor Moon Tumblr post (& I credited it).

This is the same reason I left that Women's Writer, Editor, and Agent group.

They allowed other postings but when I posted articles about Black and Brown women in the publishing industry, the moderator wouldn't allow it.

A comic book and collector's fan group wouldn't allow my posting about the death of a recent legend in comics who happened or be Black.

And the Science Fiction writer's group I left wanted to silence minority voices and tell us politics weren't allowed in scifi. Since when has science fiction NOT been political?

And don't get me started on the amount of Christian and Black History groups I had to leave because of that exclusivity!

Friends and family, if there's a group you believe you should add me to, please PLEASE do me and yourself the favor of checking how INCLUSIVE the FB group is. Because Facebook is such a dysfunctional corporate enterprise, this platform often reflects that. Thank you and enjoy your Sunday.

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