Friday, November 2, 2018

My comic bookstore from middleschool childhood closed

[This happened 3-4 weeks ago]

Folks, I've had a traumatic experience today (Nobody died, thank goodness) but I feel no less devastated. The local comic store (LCS) I've frequented and patronized since middle school closed down and I only found out while I and my mother ran errands.

I saw the lease sign big as day in the window and the possible new owner going inside and I just. Lost. It. Only those who frequent bookstores can understand the hurt involved because the stores we shop from are also tied into our identities.  

Villains Comics & Collectibles was that sort of store for me. When stuff got stressful. When life got foolish. When jobs became hell. When sh!t hit the fan. This comic bookstore became my 'watering hole'. My sanctuary. My refuge.

Not to mention the owner was 1 heck of a guy. 1 of the few comic bookstore owners who didn't treat females any differently than the males. This week has been a mess. Last month was hard. September was worse. 2018 has been hard for a lot of us. But there were places to retreat to. 

I'm going to start looking into other LCSs in other cities and nearby counties. Maybe I can discover new places, I don't know. Florida isn't casual-explorer friendly and nearly everyone needs personal transportation because the state doesn't have good public transport.

So, yes, to make a long story short, this has been a sucky week. My body cramped up from driving until I had to take a day off from my part-time. And now, one of my favorite places in this God-forsaken city is gone. So yes, this week's been a hot mess. 

Farewell, Villains of NMB. I hope at least to run into the owner again. Hopefully, he's doing well. Sigh.😞😭

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