Wednesday, December 5, 2018

From the Land of Twitter

When I get an idea in my head, or I'm nursing a story, I'll either jot it in one of my journals or I'll rant about it in a series of tweets (or lately, in a Twitter 'thread'). Here's my latest rant expanded so there's more here than on my Twitter timeline.

I seem to take a lot of influence from the story Country Mouse, City Mouse. That theme became my canine Mafia furry historical stories. Yet, lately, I ended up thinking about an old idea remade into a graphic novelette. Will revise old drawings accordingly before I draft the scenes.

I already have a squirrel and a rat characters. And no, the rat isn't a bad guy but a love interest. I'm so sick and tired of certain animals being demonized in stories. Such tales have real-world impacts. Right now, wolves are still hated and feared globally. And sharks are thought of as continuous eating machines.

My influences with Romance will come from Harlequin and Avon. I'll use regional ecology where my main characters are indigenous animals to a given area.

In this case, my squirrel will be from the  Midwest and my rat will be from the Northeast. Both characters will be urban beings but have early ancestral roots in a rural past. And I'll say no more.

When I start to draft these scenes, I'll post on my Instagram. I'm also struggling to find a publisher for these ideas. Where can one get short comic stories published? And at my own pace? I'm not good with deadlines, and even worse when it comes to artwork. In the meantime, stay tuned, Dear Readers.

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