Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birth of a website...

Now before you think, "That shouldn't be a big deal for you! You've gotta IT degree!" Hold Your Horses. It isn't that simple. It is not that easy. I had struggled before returning to school to put into practice what I had stayed up countless nights teaching myself.

Those first attempts were painful, a lot of blood and sweat. Teary nights.

I learned different web-building applications. I experimented with different FTP software.
I needed to know web hosting and how to pick a company. I feared certain software while I admired others' use of it.

Finally, I found that one of my email companies had started their own web hosting. I immediately signed up as I already had an account.

Eventually, I had a site. I added more pages to it. I tweaked, changed, removed and altered.

The website saw me through the beaten pavement that is unemployment.
Through dissolved friendships. Even the death of loved ones.

Each time I upgraded, I grew more savvy. I stopped using ready made templates and used actual web-building software.

Eventually, I cut a multiple web page to 5, and then to 4, and now to its present-day, economical 3 page site.

Soon, I purchased two other domains to keep the name of my character intact.

There is the simple story about a website.