Sunday, February 24, 2013

Upcoming Publications... Allasso Volume 3

Couldn't have this blog and only showcase what is work-in-progress now, could we?

My publishing extends about 13 years ago, but it did not stop.
I am still being published and trying to keep my fiction and art in the public eye (or as much of the public as I can receive!:)))

I will embed the following links so you don't have to go traipsing around the 'Net looking for these journals once they come out.

Pink Fox Publications Allasso Volume 3 will be re-publishing my 2001 short story "The Merchant's Daughter" *Squee!*I am SO excited!*
This is amazing for me because I have actually been around long enough that I have works out-of-print!
(Anecdote incoming...) About 1-3 years ago, I queried an editor if he could reprint another earlier, published story, and he explained that, as long as I gave information about when and where it first appeared, he could reprint it. I keep obsessive track of all I have in print: hardcopies, URLs, titles to journals, and which piece appeared when and where.
(You can also check the Bibliography/Work cited webpage of my website for complete listing)
Once I submitted the information, the editor proceeded to tell me that he appreciates the classic journals and the chance to republish works of that time. He further said the younger readers now don't know the older stuff, so it's good for them to read it! (End Anecdote)
Can you BELIEVE THIS? That's CRAZY! I used to think you had to be dead to have things out-of-print, to be considered a classic, but I digress...

Also, why I am MORE excited:
The Author's List!
I know some of these writers, or, at least, am familiar with or read their works!
I had to be professional during the interaction with the editor, but later, totally geeked out when I saw the lineup I'm included in! (Is this what rookies feel like when they end up on their idol athlete's team?!)

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