Sunday, June 14, 2015

This is it...

Here it is! 12 days until my and my cohorts' commencement. It is both stirring and thrilling as well as frightening.

I can finally read the books I've wanted to read. I can now take in the books that I could only skim through, and finally, there are projects, both visual and prose arts I must begin to tackle on a goal-oriented basis.
Also, the real-world interferes: I must begin to look over my CV (Curriculum vitae) and update it accordingly. I'm also making calls and job-hunting but not because I am jobless but to break through to a better career.

As one life ends, we have to take into account that we turn that page over to begin a new chapter. To continue our story as I try to finish my novel this year.

I point to each of you to work on your personal goals. To adjust your settings according to your life's journey. I told one of my students last week: do not try to catch up with others but only to catch up with yourself.
I encourage my readers and visitors to this blog to do the same. It is YOUR journey. Do as you see fit. Set goals and keep them. Look to your destination.

Thank you and wish me good luck!

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