Monday, December 27, 2010

'Invitation to World Literature' continued...Part 2

"1000 and 1 Nights", though many of the stories seem disjointed or meander to other characters and places, is held together by the frame of a single, intelligent and wise young woman who changes a tyrant to become a loving husband, father and ruler.

This brought to mine my own collection of short stories.
When 'Tabber the Red' was originally a novel, it couldn't work. I had many stylistic problems with it. Once I began to break it down into short stories is when the work soared and magazines began to publish them.

In a nutshell, 'Tabber the Red' is my tabby warrior who manages, through cunning, stealth, and an unusual intelligence not perceived among his particular clan group, to fix the world as he sees fit, to end the rival squabbles, the genocides, as well as bring peace to the tabby tribes that rule the Grassland Region.

Sometimes, the short stories revolve around him, or go beyond his timeline, touch the past and even into the future, so that Tabber, in just a few stories, his parents are the focus, or, his childhood is in focus. Later, the meeting of his wife, and soon, what events are affected by his children and grandchildren. 

The stories even will mention people in history on this world, other times, other breeds and other cultures. This is why I'm glad that I named my official website after him instead of after me.

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