Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The latest happening...

Haven't posted to my blog. So many things going on...
A co-worker and good friend suddenly went into a coma, was in that state for over two weeks, and then suddenly passed away.

I've been applying to many writing grants and other opportunities because I was planning to quit one of my jobs. Now I realize I must keep the job all the way into next year but continue to apply for those writing grants.

My novel is continuing. Just need to add more meat in-between chapters.

Ever since I participated in Inktober this October, I have reinvigorated my sense of artwork and changed my paradigm view on myself as an artist. Now I'm receiving more info to sell my pieces.

I also am revising a number of short fiction that can expand my submission opportunities. Not only to help market my upcoming novel but help with those grant opportunities.

I am also trying to vidcast and podcast some more to get my Introverted self ready for more marketing within the writing and art communities.

So yeah. A lot has been going on and will continue, G-d willing, into 2017.

This has been a difficult year for many of us and I hope and pray for a more prospering and fulfilling future.

Continue to check my website as well as my WordPress blog because both have some more updates!

If I don't talk to you all again, Season's Greetings and In Pretty Print will see you in the upcoming new year! Take care, my dear readers.

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