Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year's Is Almost Upon Us

Had family over. A lot of talking. Loud and competitive. Couldn't hear myself think for days, and that's when all the ideas began to hit me all at once.
It's the last Saturday of 2017. How weird is that? I usually have something pithy to say but I've got nothin' this time. Just bingeing on some leftover Xmas TV shows I couldn't watch with so many people over.
Did some sketching in some pocket size sketchbooks I unknowingly purchased online, so, hurray for me (and I say that without sarcasm).
Have some big projects I need to work on and those are tied in with goals for next year (which is in two more days! *Gasp*) and I have some I really don't WANT to work on.
Gotta do more promoting for this blog and other publications I did over time while working on these larger projects... Sigh. 
Another post or two before the New Year, I guess. 

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